Spectacular Denim Tricks All Jean Lovers Must Know

Denim these days is not less than a way of life. Its like that ingredient in food, which brings the yummy flavor. They are the forever trend which can be worn anytime. Denims are comfortable, sexy and always add extra glamour to your look if worn in right combination. But not to forget our favorite denims too have bad days. Perfect pair of jeans can be a really serious investment but when it comes to taking care of them there seems a great deal of mystery. Here we have some spectacular Denim Tricks which all Jean lovers must know. Here’s your pro guide to keep them intact.


1. Prevent Fading And Bleeding

To prevent fading wash jean inside out, Rather than using hot water and washing machines, make sure you use cold water and wash them with hands. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle to maintain the wash of your favorite pair of DARK JEANS.

Remember it is not advisable to wash your jean every second day.  Too much of washing results in fading. But i can understand that bad odor is very irritating. Put your jean in a zip lock bag and freeze them overnight. This will not only remove the odor but also remove all the germs and make your denims squeaky clean.

Dark denims generally bleed in first few washes. To avoid them from bleeding soak them in salt and water solution before first few washes.


2. Let Them Breathe

Denim fibers need to breathe, so don’t pack folded pairs too tightly together or a shelf or hang them in a crowded closet.


3. Test Whether Your Denims Will Hold Their Shape For Long

For testing this we need to follow Squat Test before we purchase them. Performing this one is very easy. Always look for a pair with at least 2% Elastane. Try on the jeans and Squat down for 60 seconds wearing the jeans. Stand up and check to see whether the jeans have retained their shape or not.


4. Perfect Combination Of Jean And Footwear

Different denims require them to be worn with different shoes in order to make you look the best. Here’s your quick guide:

  • Skinny Jeans look best with : Knee High Boots or Cap Toe Flats


  • Boyfriend Jeans look best with : Ankle Boots or Round Toe Pumps


  • Straight Leg Jeans look best with: Pointy Heels or Ballet Flats


  • Bootcut Jeans look best with: Low Heel Pump or Ankle Boots


  • Flaired Jeans or Bell Bottom Jeans look best with: Platform Pumps or Stiletto Heels

5. Fold your jeans like a pro

Lay the pair on a flat surface, fold in half from left to right. Grab the stacked jean legs, and fold them in half so the hems of the legs line up with the waistband. Fold the legs in half one more time! Bingo.. The perfect way to fold your jeans.


6. Make Your Legs Appear Longer

Having long legs is what every girl wants! Don’t you worry, denims have the power to give that illusion. All you need to do is cuff your jeans. This will make your legs appear longer than they actually are.


7. Remove Greasy Spots

To remove tough greasy stains from your lovely denims using baby powder. Blot away excess greasy spot with a paper towel. Cover the stain with baby powder. Leave it for 5 minutes. Remove the powder with a spoon or paper towel.


8. Which Footwear To Wear With Different Hems

It is very important to not only wear the perfect combination of different jeans and footwear but also to wear right footwear with right hem. 

  • Cut off Hems look best with Statement heels


  • Wide Cuffs look best with Block Heels


  • Rolled Cuffs look best with Slip-ons  


  • Floor Glazing Flares look best with Peep Toes


9. Right Way To Cuff Your Jeans

Their are different ways to role up your jeans depending on the look you want to carry.







10. Ankle Boots And Jeans

The most confusing combination!! But here’s your guide for it:







Wear tall booties only with skinny jeans.

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